We are proud to present Together Apart, an anthology of three short films directed by Kelvin Tong, K. Rajagopal and Sanif Olek. Inspired by the winning loglines from the Lapis Sagu Film Contest, the films are an invitation to all of us to move beyond our differences and find the common threads that bind us.

Lapis Updates

Lapis Sagu Comics

Every layer tells a story.

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Together Apart: Behind-the-Scenes

Hear what our directors and winners have to say behind-the-scenes.

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Together Apart: Premiere

Check out photos from the premiere of Together Apart.

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Together Apart: The Anthology

Watch the full anthology now!

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Together Apart: The Trailer

Catch a glimpse of the three stories featured in Together Apart!

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Together Apart: Posters

Can you spot the common threads that connect us all?

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Together Apart: Teasers

Take a first look at our three short films for Together Apart.

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Make It Better

How can we make Singapore a better home for all? Can we become an even more close-knit community as we get increasingly diverse?

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About Project Lapis Sagu

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures. Rich in flavour and unique in character, we’re bound together like intricately crafted layers of Lapis Sagu. Project Lapis Sagu is a creative springboard for open conversations on cultural diversity and social integration in Singapore.