Sanif Olek: Connecting Across Cultures, Film and TV

  • Versatile and accomplished, Sanif Olek is known for creating original drama concepts that connect with multicultural audiences.
  • His debut feature film, Sayang Disayang, was Singapore’s official entry at the 2015 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.
  • In 2014, he represented Singapore at the Southeast Asian International Literary Seminar in Brunei.
  • He was the sixth recipient of the prestigious Bawean Teladan “Model Bawean” Award for his community work, with local mosques and non-governmental organisations.
  • His TV work has garnered him no less than five Best Director wins at the Pesta Perdana Awards, and his short films have been showcased at major film festivals, arts institutions and museums, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Singapore Art Museum.

Why Lapis Sagu?

“What attracts me to this project is being able to meet different people from different layers of the community. When you talk about living in Singapore, it’s not just Singaporeans but also other people from other parts of the world.

It will be interesting to see how we can find a balance in the story. I think that’s what makes living in Singapore colourful.”

Check out Sanif’s tips on what makes a good story.

About Project Lapis Sagu

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures. Rich in flavour and unique in character, we’re bound together like intricately crafted layers of Lapis Sagu. Project Lapis Sagu is a creative springboard for open conversations on cultural diversity and social integration in Singapore.