1. Each submission shall consist of a logline of not more than 30 words, and a synopsis of not more than 120 words, both in English. The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) reserves the right to reject entries that are not in English.
  2. The contest is open to all who are currently residing in Singapore, and who have lived/worked here for at least one year. While there is no age limit for participants, each writer or writing team may not have earned more than S$25,000 or the foreign equivalent (jointly or individually) for work as a screenwriter.
  3. Employees of MCI and their advertising and promotion agencies are not eligible to participate in this contest.
  4. Applicant(s) may submit a maximum of three (3) entries, either as an individual, or as a team. Each team can have a maximum of three (3) members. Submissions should be written in English. Only entries submitted through the form on our website (www.lapis-sagu.sg) will be accepted.
  5. Submissions must be the original idea of the applicant(s).
  6. Adaptations of books, plays, or other source material written by another author are not eligible under any circumstances and any entries found to have adapted or plagiarised from other sources will be rejected/disqualified.
  7. Submissions must be transmitted electronically on or before 2359 hours, (GMT +8, Singapore time) on 11 December 2016. Any submissions sent to us after the Final Entry Deadline will not be accepted. Any request for negotiation will not be entertained.
  8. Once an entry has been submitted, under no circumstances will we accept amendments or revised drafts. If you wish to submit a revised draft of your screenplay, you must enter it as a new submission.
  9. Decisions of the Judges are final and may not be disputed. Our Judges are instructed and agree to evaluate scripts based on an agreed Judging Procedure. However, MCI and its administrators may not be held responsible for any errors or omissions on the part of the Judges.
  10. MCI duly retains the rights of the submitted logline and synopsis of the winning entries.
  11. Four eligible winning entries will be chosen, and each winner or winning team will each receive a cash prize of S$5,000 which will be paid out after the completion and fulfilment of all commitments, such as but not limited to the production process, meetings with directors, requests for interviews and media appearances.
  12. Winners will agree to have their submission (logline and synopsis) and likeness used for the marketing and promotion of the short film(s).
  13. Winners will be credited accordingly in their short film and related publicity materials for the short films.
  14. Winners will be expected to participate and commit to the production of the short film, and also be available for up to four (4) interviews and/or media appearances if and when requested. Please refer to the contest schedule below for key dates:

Contest Schedule

  • Call-for-entries: 16 Nov 2016
  • Submission deadline:  2359 hours, 11 Dec 2016
  • Results announced: 15 Dec 2016
  • Scriptwriting commences: 16 Dec 2016
  • Production/shoot commences: 23 Jan 2017
  • Gala premiere: 16 Mar 2017


About Project Lapis Sagu

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures. Rich in flavour and unique in character, we’re bound together like intricately crafted layers of Lapis Sagu. Project Lapis Sagu is a creative springboard for open conversations on cultural diversity and social integration in Singapore.