Lapis Sagu Comics


This collection of four comics were inspired by story ideas submitted for Project Lapis Sagu by Low Li Lin, Henry Lee, Tan Xinlong and Lena Goh.

Spearheaded by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), Project Lapis Sagu seeks to promote greater understanding and mutual respect between locals and foreigners here in Singapore. The project is Singapore’s first crowd-sourced initiative on social integration and cultural diversity. MCI’s call for members of the public to submit story ideas in November 2016 resulted in a total of 1,209 entries from people of different ages and nationalities, from various walks of life and professions.

Four of those story ideas were chosen to be further developed into the comics in this collection, in collaboration with Storyteller Productions.

We hope these comics will give you a good laugh and renew your appreciation for friends of many different backgrounds, who add colour to our sunny island!

About Project Lapis Sagu

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures. Rich in flavour and unique in character, we’re bound together like intricately crafted layers of Lapis Sagu. Project Lapis Sagu is a creative springboard for open conversations on cultural diversity and social integration in Singapore.